About Shangrila Woodworks

We are a husband and wife team that create beautiful heirloom furniture and creative carved vessels. We specialize in rockers and dinning chairs, but also make dinning furniture, living room, bedroom and office furniture and more. We create museum quality pieces that have lots of artistic touches such as, hand shaping, carving details, unique joinery and more. Our work is not only artistic, but functional and extremely comfortable. We want our customers to be able to use their pieces on a daily basis but also show them off as a piece of art in their home. We strive to ensure that all our creations will last for generations.

Our carved vessels are mostly “Forest Reclaimed” wood such as Juniper. However, we do work with other woods like mesquite as well. The sizes range from small to very large. Our carving process starts with a chainsaw to remove the bulk of the material and start the shape then moves on to various grinders to do all the final shaping and smoothing. Occasionally gems and/or stones are inlayed into the natural cracks. No two pieces are alike, making them true “One of a Kind” art collections for the home or office.

Please visit our website to see many of our creations and when you are ready to add a beautiful piece of art to your collection, we hope you think of us.

Scott & Stephanie Shangraw

Shangri-La Woodworks



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