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Curly Maple Rocker

July 17, 2012

I promised that I’d post the professional photos of the Curly Maple with Ebony rocker and here they are. I normally go for the darker woods, but this is just gorgeous and one of our favorites. It just might be a keeper.

We just found out that we were accepted into the Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale. This is the original 10 week show, being it’s 23rd year, that takes place Jan-March each year. This show is very hard to get into, so we feel very privileged to be a part of the Celebration family. We will miss some of our new friends that will be at the other show, but we can visit them when we all have time over the 10 week period. We are looking forward to the show and are already making plans for some spectacular pieces. We will also be having a gallery showing at Mystique Gallery in downtown Scottsdale while we are there and this should be very exciting.

Currently we are gearing up for two upcoming shows in Park City UT and Loveland CO. Scott leaves in two weeks and we’ve been busy creating new sculptures. While he is gone, I will post some of these pieces on the blog for all to see.

This photo shows how pretty the grain is.

Here you can see the contrast between the black of the Ebony and the light of the Maple.

We also had the Bentwood rocker that was made from Cherry and Ash photographed. This picture is much better than ours and really shows off this rocker.

“Holy Grail” A Pierced Sculpture made from Mesquite

July 12, 2012

“Holy Grail” is a great name for this piece. Originally we named it “Pierced”. Kind of blaw, but naming things isn’t our strong suit. So an artist friend saw this at it’s first appearance in Santa Monica CA and said this is the Holy Grail. And it’s because of him that we changed the name on this piece. It is made from Mesquite and stands 33″ tall and has a diamter of 14″. The mesquite log it was made from had a little rotted area that we filled in with black epoxy and some beautiful yellow sap wood that you can see in this picture. In an older post I had some construction photos of Scott working on this piece. Boy did it take a lot longer than expected to create this. Drilling and then shaping all those holes was very time consuming. I started calling him the Holy Man, because that is all he did, was make holes all day. This piece came out spectacular. Being our first sculpture to pierce (Scott just had to do something large the first time), I have to admit I’m going to have a hard time parting with this one. Every time I look at it, I’m amazed. It got a lot of attention at the show in CA and many praises. I don’t expect we’ll have it much longer.

“Clam It Up”

This vessel was created a few months ago, but we wanted professional photos of it. It looks much better in this photo and shows off the clam shape that Scott created, along with the inlayed Abalone shell. He was careful to leave the bark on, which is very hard. This is a great piece and isn’t to large at only 18x12x9.

We are in the process of creating several new pieces right now for upcoming shows. So stay tuned for what Scott comes up with next. There are some really cools designs in the works.