Shangrila II rocker made from Black Walnut

This new rocker design, The Shangrila II, was made from gorgeous Black Walnut. The incredible figure in this piece really makes it an artistic focal point, but the incredible comfort makes you want to linger for just a while longer. Wish we could have gotten some professional photographs of this piece to really show it off. This was the most popular piece we had at the Midland show. People were first blown away by how beautiful it was, then again when they sat in it. We have more of this gorgeous black walnut on its way to make more rockers. The orders for these beauties are stacking up, so if you want one, get your order in now before there is a long wait list.

The grain for the headrest is layed out going the same direction as the rest of the chair, so everything has a nice flow to it. It is a more difficult process, but well worth it.  By laying the grain this way, you can see just how beautiful that black walnut is. We did something new with the headrest, by adding splines where all the boards meet. This adds strength to the headrest and an added element to the look. This process takes a little longer but really adds to the overall strength and beauty.

The flexback slats are made to move with you as you rock. These have been popular, so we will continue to make and perfect them. They consist of four layers of wood bent in a form, then they are shaped and made to fit in the seat and headrest. Each hole has to be at a precise angle or the lumbar won’t work. We decided to have them all float in the seat and headrest connection, so they flex better, won’t have the possibility of breaking and can expand and contract as needed. Wax is put in the holes and on the tips of the spindles to ensure they won’t make creeking noises and to lubricate the area as they move.

The seat also had some incredible figure in it, as can be seen in this picture. We added a little more sweep to the arms, which required a bigger piece of wood, but adds a little more room and comfort. Plus it looks great.

This side shot shows off some of that back sweep in the legs. This is achieved by taking laminated strips of walnut and bending them into a form. They sit in that form for a few days and then are hand shaped. You can see where the arm is shaped into that back leg for a nice flow. The bottom of the back leg, where it meets the runner was slightly modified for added strength and artistic appeal. Instead of going straight down to the runner it sweeps back slightly and is hand shaped into the runner.


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