New Mexico Magazine Interview

We were so excited to get a call that New Mexico Magazine wanted to do a full article on us. We have had a rocker and a bowl in their Unique Boutique section in the past, but never a full article. One of their writers came from Gallup and interviewed us for an hour. Then a photographer came out and took photos for over two hours. The magazine wanted a New Mexico setting, so the pictures were taken amongst the trees and with a view and the article sounds like it will have more emphasis on our area, why we love it so much, how it inspires us, etc. The article is set to come out in their October issue, which should be on stands in September. I will post when it comes out, but be sure to look for it on stands then.

We also had a writer (Jennifer) from Wood Shop News come from back east to do an interview and take photos. She had an interview in Phoenix and then Albquerque and wanted someone in between. She found us and we were available for the date she would be in the area. She brought her daughter with her, so they could see some sites and the first thing she told us was, “I love New Mexico”. She had never been here before and was awe struck. I’m sure coming from back east that this area is both beautiful and overwelming. We had a great interview, she took some photos and checked out our little cabin and then her and her daughter left to go to the Wolf Sanctuary that is down from us. This article won’t be out for a few months. We count our selves lucky and thankful to be included in a magazine that mainly talks about big cabinet shops. Every once in a while they talk about the small mom and pop (in our case husband and wife) shops. Unfortunately our camera was acting up and I didn’t get any pictures of her taking photos. But below is the NM Mag photos.

Overall both interviews were great and we can’t wait to see them and the response we receive. We’ve been blessed lately and are very thankful.

Here are some photos of the photographer for NM Mag taking his pictures. We are so excited and can’t wait to see it and what it might bring.

Photographer Brian taking a photo of Scott working on some chair spindles

Brian climbed up on just about anything to get his photo. Here Scott is working on the bandsaw.

Brian got down and dirty to get a lot of the photos. He loves it. Here he’s photographing “Grand Canyon”, one of our carved vessels

You’re getting a sneek peak of our newest rocker design. it is a combination of our “Shangrila Rocker” with flexible back lumbar supports. Talk about melting into a rocker. This one is soooo comfy. This rocker is made from Bubinga and was a huge hit at our CA show. I will be posting pics of it after I can get it to our photographer.


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