New Vessels and photo of Twister

Finally got “Twister” to our photograph and it was worth it. His photos are so much better than ours.

Here are a few new carved vessels and sculpture pieces that we just completed.

“ASTAIRE”   This juniper carved vessel was named after Fred Astaire because the way Scott carved the feet and all the waves and folds makes it look like its dancing.  This is a nice size piece at approximately 20″ diameter and 12″ tall.

“PRETTY IN PINK”  Yes I’m a BIG fan of the cult film from the 80’s. But this piece really is pink. Made from Box Elder Burl, it had so much pink in it, that it earned the name. Scott made this piece simple, since it is so striking. It is approximately 36″ diameter and can hang on the wall or prop on a table.

“GALAXY”  This piece was carved out of mesquite. A friend had a large piece that was rotted in the middle and he couldn’t use it for anything. So Scott and his imagination came up with this that got rid of all the rot. This piece is full of twists and turns and reminded us of what the galaxy might look like. It is approximately 24″ Tall, 18″ wide and 5″ deep.


These are now our simpler carved bowls. We got away from doing the plain round bowls but wanted to have a more reasonable art item with still some artistic appeal to it. These are made from mesquite with the yellow sap wood and bark left on. They all vary in size and shape and come with or without turquoise.

“LILLY OF THE VALLEY”   We posted this piece before but finally had a professional photo done of it. It looks much better. Made from Juniper with turquoise inlay and a cherry burl vase.


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