Pictures from England of Mesquite pieces

Received photos from our contacts in England of the mesquite pieces we sent over there. The one of the photographer taking a picture of the Shangrila Rocker is our favorite. The other photo of the carved mesquite vessels looks real good on the cabinet. Much better than the one we took ourselves of these pieces. We look forward to seeing the ribbon sculpture photo as well, since it their photo will show the detail of it much better than ours. You can see more detailed photos and information on the Shangrila rocker and the vessels in other posts on our blog.

Right now we are getting ready for the Texas Mesquite Art Festival in San Angelo on April 15-17 . This is an all mesquite wood show where artists create anything from furniture, turned bowls, scrowl saw work to much more. We will be displaying a mesquite pedestal table set and a new bentwood rocker design made from mesquite and walnut, along with several new carved vessels and sculptures. We always look forward to these mesquite shows, since it is line one big happy family with the other artists and the customers come to buy and add to their mesquite art collections. Stay tuned for more photos of our new rocker in the coming weeks.


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