Ribbon Wall Sculpture

Wenge with plywood

Purpleheart with plywood

Closeup of Wenge and plywood

Construction process just before cutting to shape

This ribbon sculpture  was a commissioned piece from a Scottsdale customer. She needed a piece at a certain length and width and we designed this wenge with plywood wall sculpture to fit her needs. The middle is made from plywood. Several pieces are glued up to get the layered affect. Then the Wenge or any other wood is placed on the top and bottom. The pattern is drawn and then a large portion of the wood is cutout with the bandsaw. Grinders are then used to do the shaping to resemble a ribbon. The piece lays flat against the wall to hang in any desired direction. This was a fun piece to make, so we therefore created another out of purpleheart and have one in the making out of mesquite. These unique wall sculptures can be made out of any type of wood from a solid piece to combining the plywood or other contrasting woods. They start at $1200.00 and go up depending on the wood.


3 Responses to “Ribbon Wall Sculpture”

  1. Robert Lindh Says:

    Scott,Comment from Western Pa. furniture maker……..WOW…….Outstanding…love your ribbin wall items……BobLindh,Western Pa.

  2. Leonard Hesch Says:

    Hi. Can you make a short video on the steps of making the ribbons? They are really awesome.

    • shangrilawoodworks Says:

      At this time we do not video tape our work. But we will keep it in mind for the future. You are welcome to visit our blog from time to time to see what we’ve been up to. Thanks.

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