Mesquite Desk Chair

This mesquite desk chair was created for a customer from Texas. He wanted it to be all mesquite with the flat rocker style arms and small dog ears. A new five wheel chair base mechanism was used. Since this base was solid steel and suppported the chair,  the wood that layed over it was for asthetic purposes and there will be no worries about it cracking or having other problems in the future. The grain in this mesquite was incredible. We incorporated some of the yellow sap wood into parts of the chair, making a beautiful contrast.  This mesquite office chair was beautiful and we are very satisfied with how it turned out.

Construction Process and Photos

Due to the inperfections in mesquite, we had to make some design changes to accomodate this. We did bentwood lamination for the back lumbar spindles. We have found that mesquite can have hairline cracks that may not be seen during the construction process or the completion of a piece. And since the spindles go to a small diameter where they meet the seat and headrest, these can be problem areas. By doing bentwood lamination we could ensure that they would not be a problem in the future. The process takes a little longer and is more work, but will be well worth it. 






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