Rocking Chair Class

We just finished up a rocking chair class with a gentleman that flew in from Virginia, to make a rocker for his first grandchild. This class is based on a Sam Maloof style rocking chair with our own design elements implemented. I am posting some of the photos from that class, along with some brief descriptions of what is going on. As soon as Dr. Peck finishes his rocker up, I will post pictures of it. The 6 day class went real good. It was a pretty muddy mess up here and we got some snow, but otherwise the weather was ok. Dr. Peck stayed at a cabin nearby and just loved it. He went hiking in the mornings before the class and at night sat out and stargazed (we have some magnificent night skies up here).

We decided to modify our classes and offer them more as a “Woodworking Retreat”. We still offer the rocking chair and chair classes, but have added a class on bentwood lamination and vessel carving. Our classes now include the nights stay at the cabin as well. We want people to enjoy their stay up here as they are learning. Our area has a lot to offer if you want to escape the city and enjoy peace, quiet, outdoor activities and wildlife. So if you are curious about learning how to make your own rocker or any of our other classes, go to our classes page on our website and see all the additions and changes we made.

Dr. Peck has made some furniture pieces for he and his family, but did comment on how much more involved making a rocker was. Since he had to fly back home and wanted to avoid shipping a fully assembled rocker, it was roughly put together and then dissasembled for packing. We decided to offer this with all our classes, to make it easier and cheaper for someone to get their piece back home. There is a little more work involved after getting home, but this also keeps things fresh in their minds so they can complete their rocker.

We all had a lot of fun, learned a lot and I do believe Dr. Peck was quite tired at the end.


This picture shows a runner being glued up in the bending form. There are a lot of clamps that have to be used for this. Tom is really putting some muscle into tightening the clamp.

Here Tom is grinding the joint area, where the seat and legs meet. When he gets home and starts putting the rocker back together, he will finish up the shaping of these areas.

This photo shows how the rocker is coming together. The arms and joint areas are done, except what final work Tom will need to do at home. The spindles and headrest are also being testfit here.

Tom finally gets to try out his rocker. I do believe after 6 long intense days, that he’s a little tired here. But well worth it. After this photo, the rocker was disassembled and packed away for the flight back to Virginia. Amazing that the rocker fit in three bags.

We had a great time that week with Tom and look forward to getting photos of it completed and with the new mom and grandbaby rocking in it.

For more photos on our rocking chairs please visit our website.

For our rocking chair construction process please visit:

For information on our classes please visit:


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