New Carved Vessels

“Grand Canyon” was carved from an approximately 800 year old Juniper tree. Most of the wood we use on the vessels comes from “Forest Reclaimed” wood or property cleanup to help prevent forest fires and increase the water shed. The diameter of this piece is approximately 36″ tall and long and the width at the opening is about 16″. It was first carved with the chainsaw to remove most of the material and start the shape. Then grinders were used to do the final shaping and create the folds and bends. Turquoise was added to a majority of the natural cracks and holes, but we decided to leave a few openings to allow the eye to look through to the other side.


“Elm Canyon” was carved from an Elm tree that was dead standing at our photographers studio. The wood was very hard and dense with beautiful grain patterns. The sap wood and the outer bark were left on for a beautiful contrast between colors. Turquoise was inlayed into the natural cracks and two bowtie were inlayed over a larger crack (as shown in photo). This piece was approximately 26″ long, 18″ tall and 10″ wide.

“Margarita Ville” is a Choke Cherry vessel that sits ontop of a piece of flagstone. The chainsaw was used to carved the cone shape and start the shaping of the top. Grinders did the final shaping, creating the folds and bends. Turquoise was inlayed into some of the few natural cracks that were on the piece. This piece stands approximately “32” tall and has a diameter of 14″ with the lip that comes out.


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