This chair was a prototype for a customer that wanted a chair that resembled the ancient Greek chairs,  with some of our own design elements included.  Since he was also purchasing several of our Low Back style chairs, we wanted to mesh the two designs together as best we could. This chair has several unique qualities to it. One of the main features that stands out is the contrasting sweeps on the legs and the graceful bend on the back  leg going to the backrest. Our favorite feature is the how the back leg is carved into the backrest (see closeup shot above) and how the backrest has a carved lip on it. Our signature carved seat makes this chair extremely comfortable as well as beautiful. This prototype was made from gorgeous mesquite with all the cracks and worm holes filled with black to make it pop. Thus far this has turned out to be one of our favorite pieces. What makes us most happy about this project, is that our customer was blown away by the design and seemed to enjoy being involved in the design process along with us. There is no greater compliment than when a customer is that happy with a piece.


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