“Sensational Surprise” & “Tulip Bud” Carved Vessels


This is so far one of our favorites. Carved from cherry, with the chainsaw Scott created folds and waves to add depth to the piece. A bowtie was added to a large crack as an accent and a walnut base was created for the vessel to perch on. We decided that this piece was incredible on its own, so no gems or stones were added. The natural cracks were left as they were.

“TULIP BUD” Carved Mesquite Vessel

This piece was first placed on the lathe and turned round and brought down to a vase form. Then grinders were used to create the carving on both the outside and inside. Coral and turquoise were inlayed into the natural cracks and holes. The mesquite has beautiful grain and color patterns and really adds to this piece.

To see more of our vessel creations and to view how these beautiful creations are made, please visit our website. Each vessel is truly a “One of  Kind” collector item, since no two are alike.




One Response to ““Sensational Surprise” & “Tulip Bud” Carved Vessels”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Your work is absolutely stunning….I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your website tonight.Also,have a very Merry Christmas!

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