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“Sensational Surprise” & “Tulip Bud” Carved Vessels

January 6, 2010


This is so far one of our favorites. Carved from cherry, with the chainsaw Scott created folds and waves to add depth to the piece. A bowtie was added to a large crack as an accent and a walnut base was created for the vessel to perch on. We decided that this piece was incredible on its own, so no gems or stones were added. The natural cracks were left as they were.

“TULIP BUD” Carved Mesquite Vessel

This piece was first placed on the lathe and turned round and brought down to a vase form. Then grinders were used to create the carving on both the outside and inside. Coral and turquoise were inlayed into the natural cracks and holes. The mesquite has beautiful grain and color patterns and really adds to this piece.

To see more of our vessel creations and to view how these beautiful creations are made, please visit our website. Each vessel is truly a “One of  Kind” collector item, since no two are alike.

“Running Wild” One of a Kind theme Desk

January 6, 2010

“RUNNING WILD” One of a kind theme desk

This desk was part of our “One of a Kind” theme desks. Made from “Forest Reclaimed” Juniper it features hand carving  throughout the desk. Those being, the door handles, drawer face, desk sides, top drawer sides and on both sides of the painting. stippling was created on all the edges and turquoise was inlayed into the natural cracks. We even created a river of Turquoise on the edge of one side, that has some horseshoes inlayed in it (see inset above). This piece was a collaboration between ourselves and two other New Mexico Artists. The original oil painting of the wild horses was created by Victoria Mauldin from Ruidoso NM and the handforged brass horseshoe pulls and inlays were handmade  by Donna Spray from Alto, NM. The collaboration makes this piece not only one of a kind, but adds to the overall unique character of it.

The desk also includes a low back desk chair (picture coming soon). The chair has all the features of our low back chairs with the carved seat and hand shaped arms and backrest. The wheel base adjusts up and down, tilts and swivels and we disquised the metal with hand shaped wood.

The idea behind doing these theme desks, is to have “One of a Kind” pieces for those discriminating individuals to show off in their home or office. We strive to ensure that each creation has unique qualities, special features such as the carving, and to collaborate with other artists. Thus far we have had three different themes (please visit our desk page on our website to see the others), but the ideas are limitless.


January 6, 2010


This chair was a prototype for a customer that wanted a chair that resembled the ancient Greek chairs,  with some of our own design elements included.  Since he was also purchasing several of our Low Back style chairs, we wanted to mesh the two designs together as best we could. This chair has several unique qualities to it. One of the main features that stands out is the contrasting sweeps on the legs and the graceful bend on the back  leg going to the backrest. Our favorite feature is the how the back leg is carved into the backrest (see closeup shot above) and how the backrest has a carved lip on it. Our signature carved seat makes this chair extremely comfortable as well as beautiful. This prototype was made from gorgeous mesquite with all the cracks and worm holes filled with black to make it pop. Thus far this has turned out to be one of our favorite pieces. What makes us most happy about this project, is that our customer was blown away by the design and seemed to enjoy being involved in the design process along with us. There is no greater compliment than when a customer is that happy with a piece.